monika | they/he/she | 17 | caucasian | ♑︎

discord: Fawnuss#5357

Before you interact...

I'm sorry this is very long
Greatly appreciated if you read it all or at least skim over it.
If you see something here you don't think you can follow, it'd be better to just not interact with me :(
[ex. you're used to making fun of furries]

I draw anthro animals, I have a fursona. I usually don't call myself a furry but it's sorta what I am. Please do not interact with me if you genuinely hate furries, it makes me uncomfortable.
Don't negatively joke about the things I'm into. It makes me super uncomfortable and I'll probably block you.
I'm very open about myself, please let me know if I'm starting to overshare/the stuff I'm saying is tmi!
Don't make fun of how I type. It just makes me super insecure and I don't really know what the point is. Especially referring to my key smashes! I somtimes overuse or underuse commas or just have bad punctiation in general, I apologize for this.
I'd appreciate if you used tone indicators around me but it's not necessary! I like using them a lot because I hate when someone misunderstands me but it's ok if you don't like them.
Please don't treat me like glass, but recognize I'm a person too who can make mistakes and learn from them. Please don't hesitate to call me out on my behavior, but if you aren't trying to be mean then please be wary of the tone you may give off. (using /nm is especially appreciated and lets me know you're just trying to help me improve)
This may be edited a lot in the future, I'm writing this at the top of my head and I'm bound to remove/add things!!!
Everything here is genuine, none of the things I've said are light hearted or a joke.

Do not interact if...

LGBTQ+phobicRacist/Anti-BLMAbleist"Philes" EX: zoos, pedos, necros, etc.Glorify rxpePro-shipperKin anyone from kxlling stxlkingKin junko/monokumaYou make jokes about/insult people's interestsYou bash people for using tone indicators(not using them yourself is fine)

about me

Hello! As mentioned before, my name is Monika but most people call me Fawn! I'm bisexual and while I'm not currently in a relationship, my heart belongs to someone very important to me. I'm an ambivert, I can't say I sway to either extro or intro more because it really depends on my day! I tend to shut off in situations with more than 4 people, with only minor exceptions like if someone is frequently engaging with me and making sure I'm not zoning out. I have a bad habit of going on tangents about myself (this carrd is a very good demonstration of that) but it's mostly because I'm bad at generalizing myself. I tend to have a pretty bad memory so if you interact with me please don't be offended when I inevitably forget something, I promise it's not because I don't care about you, it's simply my brain being small.

I also have a pet cat named Mitsy! My phone is filled in pictures of her, I love her very much she's my guardian angel. I may joke about how I "hate her" but that couldn't be farther from the truth she's my baby. Always happy to send pictures and videos of her!!

More about me

Games I've played

some of these I've only watched gameplay for but we don't have to talk about that <3


Hollow knightDreaming maryOFFYour turn to dieLittle nightmaresPokemonPokemon mystery dungeonAmong usMinecraftTerrariaStarboundThe witch's houseMad fatherUntitled goose gameChild of lightThe liar princess and the blind princeOri and the blind forestDoki doki literature clubDanganronpa (sadly)

OneshotWhat remains of edith finchYume nikkiAnimal crossingKirbyCelesteStardew valleyFran bowA hat in timeOmoriUndertale/Deltarune

Mobile games

Epic sevenLove nikkiCookie runPokemon masters EXI love hue

Music artists I enjoy

heads up! just cause I listed them doesn't mean I've listened to every single one of their songs so feel free to throw some at me and ask if i've listened to it or not :)

Tally hallMiracle musicalMother motherJack stauberCosmo sheldrakeGlass animalsTwo door cinema clubThe neighborhoodJojiCrystal castlesKhai dreamsRex orange countyLemon demonAJRABBAIn love with a ghostKero Kero BonitoBo enThe crane wivesCucoPorter robinsonThe oh hellosOllie MNTwenty one pilotsAyesha eroticaDoja catCrywankRoarMoe shopDerivakatGirl in redNFEvelyn EvelynLovejoy

Misc things I like

I don't have a section dedicated to the shows/anime I watch because I very rarely consume that sort of media. I've been trying to consume more lately because I have a huge list of shows I wanna watch but yeah :")

MCYTsMoominsMadoka magicaMystery skullz animatedFurbiesHLVRAIGood omensAvatar: the last airbenderClone highShe-raPanty and StockingMy hero academia [not caught up]Little witch academiaDevilman crybabyTribetwelveEpithet erasedThe owl houseCucumber questHeathers


DeersOwlsFrogsBumblebeesPossumsIsopodsRatsAntelope (dik-dik especially)Sea bunniesCatsMothsSnailsTanukisFoxesBatsDucksPrimates [ALL OF THEM!1!!1]Saint bernardsMillipedeInchwormsBaeusSealsMiceRed pandas
In general I like all animals tbh feel free to gush about animals w/ me that would be so rad

comforts and synpaths

I don't kin characters because I don't believe my entire self can be perfectly and accurately represented as a single character (this fact possibly contributes to why I have multiple "sonas") but I do have comfort characters and synpaths!

If you happen to kin any of the characters under synpaths but don't like doubles, feel free to see me more as a fan of the character! Kinning/synpaths aren't much of a coping method for me unlike a large majority of people, my list is more for fun if anything.

Comfort characters

Snufkin [moomins]Keiji Shinogi [yttd]Quirrel [hollow knight]Hornet [hollow knight]Willoh [hollow knight]Mary/Mari [dreaming mary]Penn Guindel [dreaming mary]Rouxls Karrd [deltarune]Jevil [deltarune]Red [pokemon]The batter [OFF]Zacharie [OFF]Madeline [celeste]Herb cookie [cookie run]Angelica [epic seven]JFK [clone high]Iroh [ATLA]Lapis Lazuli [SU]Foolish Gamers [DSMP]


Vessels [hollow knight]Elsen [OFF]Monika [DDLC] (mostly cause name)Cream Unicorn Cookie - Nebula Butterfly outfit [cookie run]Gordon [hlvrai]Stocking [p&s]Steven Universe [SU]smp!Ranboo [DSMP]

Characters that don't have a specific personality tied to them that I identify with

Mossy vagabonds [hollow knight]Cyan crewmate [among us]Pig [mc]Enderman [mc]Ghasts [mc]Alligator furby [1998 furbies]Racing furby [1998 furbies]Skitty [pokemon]Budew [pokemon]Shiny heatran [pokemon]Girantina [pokemon]Shiny shaymin [pokemon]Zorua [pokemon]Shiny deerling [pokemon]Shiny eelektross [pokemon]Keldeo [pokemon]Toxapex [pokemon]Cosmog [pokemon]Snom [pokemon]