✰ poppytwt, p/nsfwmcyttwt, faceleaktwt, leaktwt, fruityduotwt, clemtwt, nutellatwt
✰ against introjects & DAs
✰ believe asexual & aromantic aren't in lgbtq+

please click the link above and read


✰ 7teen, they/he/she
✰ demigirl, bisexual

just a heads up i have extremely bad memory /srs pls lmk if i forgot something <3

okay (with credit)
profile pictures, banners, carrds, phone layouts, edits, redraws
do not
repost, trace, steal / claim its yours

i dont really know where to put this so i figured i'd put it here. if i draw someone problematic from the dsmp it's purely due to the character's lore. i do not support the harmful actions that any ccs do and i want them to be held accountable.

hello there my name is fawn!

✰ im ok being called monika if we're close!
✰ i main bootwt and smiletwt
✰ i live in alberta, canada!
✰ capricorn: sun ♑︎ moon ♒︎ rising ♎︎
✰ ambivert and esfj (i think?)
✰ please use tone indicators w/ me
✰ i swear frequently fyi
✰ uncomfy w/ romantic flirting, platonic is fine
✰ i usually write in either all lower or all caps

current nicknames: [always looking for more]
momo, moni, mona, mon, mo, mist, mika, fern, fawny, fawnie, faon, doe, deer, bambi
nicknames relating to my name fawn are preferred!

I frequently seperate media from their creators, just because i like a certain thing does not mean i support or agree with any of the shitty things they've done.


dream smp, hollow knight, off, minecraft, dreaming mary, omori, haikyu, little nightmares, pokemon, your turn to die, undertale / deltarune, cookie run, moomins, houseki no kuni, furbies, oneshot, the liar princess and the blind prince, celeste, good omens, epic seven, old internet / webcore, sky children of the light, the owl house

lesser interests

atla, hlvrai, life is strange, mad father, the witch's house, grimm's hollow, yume nikki, clone high, kirby, terraria, starbound, child of light, ori, stardew valley, fran bow, a hat in time, mystery skullz animated, little witch academia, panty and stocking, what remains of edith finch, stories untold, hunter x hunter, ddlc

music artists:

tally hall, miracle musical, mother mother, jack stauber, cosmo sheldrake, glass animals, two door cinema club, the neighborhood, lemon demon, rex orange county, joji, ajr, abba, in love with a ghost, kero kero bonito, bo en, lovejoy, the crane wives, cuco, porter robinson, the oh hellos, ollie mn, caravan palace, derivakat, doja cat, crywank, girl in red, panic! at the disco

this list is more for fun rather then something to be taken seriously!

note that i do not kin the things
ive listed, i simply relate :]


c!ranboo [dsmp], notdream123 [dsmp], cc!tubbo [dsmp], elsen [off], nebula butterfly cookie [cookie run], strawberry crepe cookie [cookie run], original phos [hnk], gordon [hlvrai], mary [dreaming mary], ghasts [mc], moomin [moomins], broken vessel [hk], mossy vagabonds [hk], stocking [p&s], tadashi yamaguchi [haikyu]

comfort characters:

snufkin [moomins], keiji shinogi [yttd], quirrel [hk], hornet [hk], angelica [epic seven], willoh [hk], penn guindel [dreaming mary], rouxls karrd [deltarune], jevil [deltarune], red [pokemon], the batter [OFF], zacharie [OFF], herb cookie [cookie run], lilac cookie [cookie run], roxanne [pokemon], yu nishinoya [haikyu], kenma kozume [haikyu], saiki [tdlosk]

pokemon i love:

cosmog, zorua & zoroark, teddiursa, toxapex, deerling, chimchar, keldeo, vileplume, rhydon, eelektross, heatran, mareep evolution line, umbreon, breloom, flygon, cradily, milotic, shinx evolution line, budew, giratina, victini, sewaddle evolution line, reshiram, snom, absol